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MessageTableCell Class Reference

#include <message_table_cell.h>

Inheritance diagram for MessageTableCell:
TableCell HighlightCell View MessageTableCellWithBuffer MessageTableCellWithChevron MessageTableCellWithEditableText MessageTableCellWithGauge MessageTableCellWithMessage MessageTableCellWithSwitch MessageTableCellWithChevronAndExpression MessageTableCellWithChevronAndMessage

Public Member Functions

 MessageTableCell (I18n::Message label=(I18n::Message) 0, KDText::FontSize size=KDText::FontSize::Small, Layout layout=Layout::Horizontal)
ViewlabelView () const override
virtual void setHighlighted (bool highlight) override
void setMessage (I18n::Message message)
virtual void setTextColor (KDColor color)
void setMessageFontSize (KDText::FontSize fontSize)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TableCell
 TableCell (Layout layout=Layout::Horizontal)
virtual ViewaccessoryView () const
virtual ViewsubAccessoryView () const
void drawRect (KDContext *ctx, KDRect rect) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from HighlightCell
 HighlightCell ()
bool isHighlighted () const
virtual void reloadCell ()
virtual Responderresponder ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from View
 View ()
virtual ~View ()
 View (const View &other)=delete
 View (View &&other)=delete
Viewoperator= (const View &other)=delete
Viewoperator= (View &&other)=delete
void resetSuperview ()
void setSize (KDSize size)
void setFrame (KDRect frame)
KDPoint pointFromPointInView (View *view, KDPoint point)
KDRect bounds () const
Viewsubview (int index)
virtual KDSize minimalSizeForOptimalDisplay () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TableCell
enum  Layout { Layout::Vertical, Layout::Horizontal }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TableCell
int numberOfSubviews () const override
ViewsubviewAtIndex (int index) override
void layoutSubviews () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from View
void markRectAsDirty (KDRect rect)
- Protected Attributes inherited from HighlightCell
bool m_highlighted
- Protected Attributes inherited from View
KDRect m_frame
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from TableCell
static constexpr KDCoordinate k_separatorThickness = 1
static constexpr KDCoordinate k_labelMargin = 10
static constexpr KDCoordinate k_accessoryMargin = 10

Detailed Description

Definition at line 8 of file message_table_cell.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MessageTableCell()

MessageTableCell::MessageTableCell ( I18n::Message  label = (I18n::Message)0,
KDText::FontSize  size = KDText::FontSize::Small,
Layout  layout = Layout::Horizontal 

Definition at line 5 of file message_table_cell.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ labelView()

View * MessageTableCell::labelView ( ) const

Reimplemented from TableCell.

Definition at line 11 of file message_table_cell.cpp.

◆ setHighlighted()

void MessageTableCell::setHighlighted ( bool  highlight)

◆ setMessage()

void MessageTableCell::setMessage ( I18n::Message  message)

Definition at line 21 of file message_table_cell.cpp.

◆ setMessageFontSize()

void MessageTableCell::setMessageFontSize ( KDText::FontSize  fontSize)

Definition at line 31 of file message_table_cell.cpp.

◆ setTextColor()

void MessageTableCell::setTextColor ( KDColor  color)

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